MYSA Coach Instruction Program

This is a description of the first few coaching courses offered by MYSA which all Clinton Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) coaches are encouraged to participate in. CYSA s policy is to reimburse 100% of the cost fees for coaches training.

Resourceful, confident knowledgeable coaches are vital to the development of young soccer players and to the advancement of the sport. Whether you are a novice coach with no background in soccer or an experienced coach who seeks to refine your craft, the MYSA has a program to help you.

We stress the same ideals in our coaching courses and with players: enjoyment, positive spirits, enthusiasm, and creativity. If you want to improve your grasp of the elements of the game and learn about organization and coaching methodology at practice and during games, consider on of these MYSA coaching courses.

Please take a few moments to consider which course will be most appropriate for you. The G and F courses are intended for coaches of younger players, the E and D for coaches of older, more experienced teams. You may begin with the concise G course or the full day F course. The F course is a prerequisite for the E; the E is a prerequisite for the D.

  • The G and F courses are "introductions": elementary presentations for first time coaches or those with little experience. Our intention in these two courses is to help you to become a more resourceful and confident "activity leader" - to combine your enthusiasm and commitment to children with the basic theory and many practical exercises which we ll provide.
  • The E course is for those who want to learn more about the techniques and tactics of the game and more about leading experienced youth teams.
  • The D course is for coaches who want to refine their understanding of technique and tactics and their effectiveness as a trainer of youth and adolescent players. Our aim here is to help you to prepare yourself to improve, actively and dynamically, individual and team performances.

Details about the courses:

The G Course Duration: 4 Hours Cost: $35.00

  • Materials given to the coach: MYSA Zipper Bag containing the MYSA G Manual and soccer Coach Training Packages as well as numerous pamphlets that will be very helpful.
  • For whom: Novice coaches, or coaches with little experience of U8 and U10 players.
  • Course content: Ideas about how to organize practices and game days, lots of practical activities and stimulating games for practice, brief demonstration of basic techniques.

The F Course Duration: 8 Hours Cost: $55.00

Materials given to the coach: MYSA F Manual and Coaching the Goalkeeper by Tony Waiters

For whom: Novice coaches, or those with some experience, of U8, U10, or U12 teams.

Course content: Ideas about how to organize practice and game days, many games and exercises for practices, a more through demonstration of basic technique, elementary goal keeping techniques, some basic tactical ideas.

The E Course Duration: 16 Hours - to be taken after completing the 8 hour F course, which is a prerequisite for the E course. Cost: $85.00

Materials given to the coach: MYSA E Manual and Coaching the Team by Tony Waiters. Youth Sports Injuries by John F. Duff. M.D.

For whom: Coaches, with some experience, of U10, U12, and U14 teams.

Course Content: System of play, laws and restarts, more games and exercises for practices, more tactical ideas, including the tactics of 2 versus 1 situations, more on goal keeping.

During the course, each participant will have the opportunity to lead a short coaching session, with constructive reaction by the instructor.

There are no performance or written tests involved in the G, F, or E courses. None of the three courses is particularly rigorous physically; participation in the practical, active sessions (about half of each course) is strongly encouraged but not required.